About Us

Our Mission

Telaeris provides Tracking Solutions for Assets, People, and Information that are both easy to use and powerful. Our products and systems work on the web, on your desktop, or on mobile devices – wherever you need them to.

Our Values

At Telaeris we pride ourselves on providing our customers:

  • Superior Technical Results that Improve Business Efficiency
  • Innovative and Ingenious Solutions
  • Rapid System Development and Deployment
  • and most importantly, Great Support for both our Products and Systems

We do this by paying close attention to detail and listening carefully to our customers’ needs and requirements.

About the Company

Telaeris Inc. was formed in 2005 as a venture to provide products and solutions to companies in the areas of contactless smartcards and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Since its inception, Telaeris has expanded to provide total solutions for access control, inventory management, asset control, and mobile application development. We do so by combining engineering and software development expertise with superior customer service and support.

Located in San Diego, California, Telaeris is a privately-owned corporation. Telaeris takes its name from the Greek root “tele” (for “distance”) and the Latin word “aer” (for “air”). The company name is pronounced “Tel-AIR-is”.